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Then What?

New Rules for Radicals

When the Fight is Not Enough - 10 Steps for Effective Social Change

The role of civil disobedience and social protest today reflects the influences of Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals," Naomi Klein's "The Shock Doctrine," the Tea Party, Greenpeace, and others. But the established activist funding models tend to burn out their people, drive out new ideas, and often lead to vested interest control of their movement.

Activists provide critical checks and balances on the corporate sector, serving as one of the core drivers of progress across the globe. Holding companies accountable for their social and environmental footprint is critical in addressing some of the greatest challenges affecting our society. This book helps the activist community understand the dynamics at play behind the scenes when companies engage with them.

Then What? combines Bill Shireman's activist experiences and Future 500's stakeholder engagement practices to provide insight on key steps activists must understand when dealing with corporations. The objective is to drive systemic solutions to global sustainability challenges, from climate protection to fair trade to sustainable economic growth.

- SPRING, 2014 -

Affinity Press

- SPRING, 2014 -