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The Innovation Agenda

An Alliance of the Right and the Left for Lower Taxes, Cleaner Energy, and Greater Prosperity

America's two once-great political parties are engaged in an angry divorce, each demanding full custody of the nation they claim to love, paralyzing it in the process.

Neither side is ready to reconcile. Each believes it will soon vanquish the other and rule America in its ideological Eden for the proverbial millennium. In the meantime, there is little doubt that it can stop the initiatives of the other side, even though it cannot prevail over them.

But on at least one point, the right and the left agree. Something is wrong in America. After two centuries on the rise, America's purpose and power are being lost, and the prosperity once enjoyed by middle class Americans is dissipating at an alarming rate.

The Innovation Agenda proposes a five-point program of tax, energy, and spending reforms - supported by leaders on both the left and right - that can cultivate a more innovative, prosperous, and sustainable future.

Affinity Press

Updated Edition, Summer 2014

2013 Paperback: 58 pages
ISBN-10: 0985452404
ISBN-13: 978-0985452407