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Bill Shireman, the President and CEO of Future 500, places himself between groups that love to hate each other: the world’s largest corporations, and its most impassioned advocacy groups. Called “a master social and environmental entrepreneur,” Shireman unites business and NGO leaders behind genuine common ground solutions to global warming, deforestation, resource depletion, political repression, and human rights violations.

Erik Wohlgemuth joined Future 500 in 2001 and is now Chief Operating Officer, responsible for the organizational management. He oversees the financial planning, strategic marketing and development, and serves as a strategic advisor on various projects.

Danna Pfahl is the Senior Director of Stakeholder Engagement at Future 500, supporting the development of strategic stakeholder relationships and core programmatic work. Danna has a background in environmental policy and coalition building, working with Oxfam America, Global Exchange, Amnesty International and a handful of SF based political consulting firms on environmental and social issues.

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